Tenant Protection Plan

It is easy to think of your storage unit as an extension of your home, garage or attic but it is important to assess if your prized possessions are protected when they are stored remotely. In my most cases, homeowner's or renter's insurance policies offer little to no coverage for your belongings while they are in storage. Additionally, insurance policies of self-storage facilities do not cover your personal or business items while in storage if there is damage that occurs to the storage building due to unexpected events or mother nature. Therefore, it is important you carry appropriate insurance coverage for your goods and we require proof of insurance coverage as a condition of our Rental Agreement. 

In order to make this one less thing you have to worry about during your moving process, we have carefully compiled a variety of protection plans that were designed to cater to your unique needs while providing you peace of mind! When your storage unit is covered by one of our Tenant Protection Plans (offered during the rental process), you will never have to worry about the things you can not control. 

Other notable benefits include:

1. No need for lengthy phone calls, applications and credit-checks to obtain new insurance or modify existing policies: You will receive immediate protection when you enroll in the Tenant Protection Plan while renting a unit. 
2. Unlike many homeowners/renters policies that carry a deductible of $250 to $1000, our Protection Plans have a $0 deductible. Additionally, any claim on your Protection Plan will not affect your homeowners/renters insurance rates or insurability.
3. Unlike many homeowners/renters policies that pay your claim based on the original cost of your goods, the Protection Plan will pay your claim based on the replacement cost of your goods at today‚Äôs value. 
4. The Protections Plans are affordable: You can obtain several thousand of dollars of protection for just a few more dollars every month which can be conveniently paid alongside your rent in one easy payment. 
5. The Protection Plans protect a wide range of causes which most homeowners/renters policies do not. 
6. Storage customers will receive fast service through experienced claims adjusters if you have a claim.

Easy Sign-Up At Affordable Costs

The Tenant Protection Plans are available for purchase by all customers renting enclosed self-storage units. 
  • If you are a new customer, you can sign up for one of our Tenant Protection Plans through online-rental process or by our manager in-person, through email or over the phone. 
  • If you are an existing customer, simply review the details in the Tenant Protection Plan Addendum (here or during the rental process), choose between the various Protection Plans available through your online account.
Life is unpredictable, even at a secure self storage facility! If you are storing your goods, then you clearly value these items. 

If it is worth storing then it is worth protecting!