Military Storage


At Elyria Storage LLC we support our troops and offer a convenient way for active military members to store their belongings when they are overseas or on assignment stateside.

We understand that military service can take you anywhere in the world at any time, so Elyria Storage LLC takes the worry out of storing your property while you are away. You may not have the storage space to keep your personal belongings safe while you are gone, and that is why we offer monthly lease options so you can store your things for the time you need and pick them up when you get home. Instead of worrying about your items, you can focus on your mission and your dedication to your country.

Our military self-storage includes:

•A recurring payment option so your payment is never late. You can also pay your bill online or send a check via mail
•Military service can be unpredictable: You can designate an emergency contact to manage your account with us
•Active military personnel can save money through our specials and referral program
•Engage our resident manager if you would like deliveries or pickup

Being Gone for Months at a Time

When you sign up for service in the armed forces, chances are you will be away from home for months at a time. You do everything you can to get your things in order before you leave, but if you have to leave for basic training or you have received new deployment orders, you may have to depart sooner than you anticipated. Instead of leaving the burden of finding a place for your things on your friends and family, you can place them in a storage unit at our convenient and accessible facility. If you designate an emergency contact, he or she can manage your account and handle the placement and removal of your belongings as needed. Our staff is always ready to help however they can with your storage needs.

Accessibility 7 Days a Week

If you are on leave for a few weeks, and arrive home on a weekend, you will not have to wait to access your storage unit. Our facility offers access hours seven days a week, 365 days a year. If you have something you need to pick up, or a new item you need to store, you will not have to wait until Monday morning and lose valuable time you could spend with family and friends. If you need to drop something off on your way to or from the airport, our storage location is easily accessible from major roads and highways, and likely on your way home.

If you are an active military member who needs affordable storage solutions, come to Elyria Storage LLC today. We have a variety of storage unit sizes. 

We are proud to serve members of the armed forces, and will do whatever we can to keep your things safe while you are away from home.